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Jinjiang Hotel named after Jinjiang, the most beautiful river in southwest China

Jinjiang Hotel in Sichuan Province was built in 1958, the name of which was chosen by two highly respected old marshals, Zhu De and Chen Yi. After more than half a century, Sichuan Jinjiang Hotel has already become the emblem of an era of beautiful Chengdu, a shining city business card.

After the opening of VIP Building in 2012, Jinjiang Hotel opened again with a new look. So far, the whole Jinjiang Hotel has more than 700 rooms/suites; 9 restaurants with Chinese and foreign characteristics where you can enjoy gourmet feasts; 20 magnificent multi-functional halls and conference areas to meet the needs of various conferences and banquets; modern top health and entertainment center where you can you can do aerobic exercise to keep healthy; business centers, ticketing centers, with convenient and complete business office equipment.

With the development and accumulation of half a century, the warm, considerate and meticulous personality characteristics of Sichuan people have been brought into full play by Jinjiang people, forming the unique service culture of Jinjiang Hotel. In 2007, Jinjiang Hotel published and issued the Moving Declaration - Handbook of Enterprise Culture of Jinjiang Hotel in Sichuan Province, which regards "Creating Moving" as the core value of the enterprise and first promotes "Moving Culture" in the whole country.

In 2017, as a high-quality hotel service resource, the hotel joined Sichuan Tourism Investment Group. Under the leadership of the hotel company, make full use of the company's experience and advantages in hotel brand and service, take "innovate moving culture, create first-class tourism enterprises" as development awareness, seize market opportunities, and seek a more long-term strategic development of high-star hotels and commercial hotels.

Entering the top 20 national hotel brands and the top 200 international famous hotel brands has become the development strategic planning goal of Jinjiang Hotel. It is also committed to making the hotel an excellent city business hotel. Jinjiang Hotel, a banner of Sichuan tourism which will fly in the wind, looks ahead.

Awards and Honors

Sichuan Jinjiang Hotel was upgraded to three-star hotel in 1993, and became the first five-star hotel in southwest China in 1995. It was awarded the National Best Star Hotel Award by the National Tourism Administration of the People's Republic of China in 1996, the "Five-star Diamond Award" by the American Association of High-quality Services in 1999, the national "Best Business Travel Hotel" in 2007, and the China Hotel Venus Award, the highest honor award in China's hotel industry for three consecutive years from 2010 to 2015. In addition, the VIP building, which was completed in December 2012, incorporated the concept of green environmental protection into its design and construction, and shined brilliantly in the evaluation review of the Green Tourism Hotel (Golden Leaf Class) in 2013. What’s more, Jinjiang Hotel won the Gold Award of the Most Popular Hotel and the Best Hotel Service Model Award in Ctrip Travel Word-of-mouth List in 2017, and the Best City Business Hotel Award awarded by China Tourist Hotel Association in 2018.

Arrival Guidance

Address:No. 80, No. 80, Second Section of Renmin South Road, Jinjiang District, Chengdu City, Sichuan Province, China
Bus: 118,45,61,78,16,63,99
Metro: Exit B of Line 1 on Jinjiang Hotel Station.

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