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Robust entertainment

Robust Center in the North Building

It is located on the second floor of the North Building of the hotel, providing the robust services, such as fitness, swimming, chess and card, and billiards and so on.

Enquiry / Reservation:(86 28)86606223
Business Hours: 06:30—23:30

Robust Entertainment Center in VIP Building

It is located on the second floor underground of VIP Building of the hotel, providing swimming pool and gym facilities and services.

Enquiry / Reservation: (86 28)8550 6373
Business Hours: 08:00—23:30

Entertainment Center

A/B zone of Windsor Shopping Street

Zone A: It is located on the first floor of the South Building, with many world-class designer stores and high-end gift shops, tourist crafts, gold and silver jewelry, cosmetics and bags and so on.

Zone B: It is located on the first floor of the East Building, with complete European style. There are many world-famous brand-name stores and antique lacquer wares, galleries, four treasures of the study, tobacco, alcohol and food, Chinese and foreign paper books, and shoe stores and so on.

Business Hours: 8:00-22:00 daily

Introduction to the brand PERTELE

PERTELE is a famous French brand of men's leather shoes. All leather materials are selected from natural high-quality raw materials. The shoes are produced with fine and elegant workmanship. You will fell comfortable and generous after wearing them, which will also show your extraordinary temperament. PERTELE has entered the Chinese mainland market for 13 years and has established stores in Shenzhen, Beijing, Guangzhou and Chengdu, etc. It has a fairly stable customer base in virtue of excellent quality and reputation.

Introduction to the brand Stovenno

Guangzhou Hannuo Trading Co., Ltd. is a fashion brand operation management company that operates the high-end menswear brand “ZASGCLA” and integrates the brand design, production and marketing. The company has nearly 90 years of experience in the operation and management of fashion field, which has been recognized and supported by more and more peers.

Introduction to the brand K&D

It is originated from a brand of British business menswear, while its design follows the characteristic of “excellence” of the British clothing and integrates the culture and wisdom of the East and West. It belongs a high-end business menswear brand starting from the perspective of humanization design. Through innovation and creation, it can meet the needs of the successful men in different occasions.

In addition, it pays attention to the wearing experience, so every fabric of it comes from the most advanced raw materials no matter cotton, silk or cashmere. The strict requirements for craftsmanship and pattern are the soul and essence of this brand. After more than ten years of continuous adjustment, it has formed three major product series, including classic business series, new business series and life and leisure series, taking full care of the dressing needs of the successful men in different scenes, such as work, travel, life and leisure and so on.

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