Jinxuan Restaurant of Sichuan cuisine

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Jinxuan Restaurant of Sichuan cuisine

Jinxuan Restaurant of Sichuan cuisine is located on the fourth floor of the VIP Building of Jinjiang Hotel. There are 42 tables in the dining hall and there are 6 private rooms of different sizes for private gatherings of 4-20 people. You may be amazed by the delicious authenticity of a dish, or you may be impressed by the ingenious innovation of another dish in the restaurant. It inherits the culture of Sichuan cuisine of "one dish, one standard, one hundred dishes and one hundred flavors, and each dish have a different taste ", breaks through the tradition with the characteristics of innovation, health preservation and fashion, and combines delicacies with art to satisfy the taste buds of the tasters.

Enquiry / Reservation:
(86 28) 8550 6388 / 8550 6142
Business Hours:
11:00 - 15:00, 17:00 - 22:00 per day

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